Anonymous asked:

Sherlock teaches Little Watson how to move about unnoticed by most people. The two of them use this skill to steal cookies.

frecklestherobot answered:

She eventually gets good enough to steal from Mycroft when they are all at the Holmes house for Christmas.



And as a test, Sherlock tells her to steal Mycroft’s schedule book. Half an hour later, Mycroft comes fuming into the kitchen, reprimanding “Honestly, Sherlock, every year; haven’t you grown too old for this infantile little diversion, brother?” And Sherlock just sits smirking proudly while Little Watson walks up behind Mycroft and proudly displays her loot. 



So one day, my sister came to me…


My sister (donotforgetyourjacketnewkid): Baby, guess what? There’s an amazing blog on tumblr! This girl postes literally everything I like, she’s in all my single fandoms, you got to follow her!

Me: Really? Oh my god, show me her blog!

My sister: *logs on tumblr*

Me: What’s her URL? Maybe I already follow her.

My sister: Uhm, something like mind-palace-of-a-fangirl.


My sister:


Me: Babe, it’s me.

Me and my sister: